1) Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet


2) Set up your wallet, add Binance Smart Chain  (TrustWallet is already set up)

Go to for help if needed


4) Click on


5) Click the settings button on the top right of the Swap interface and set slippage to 12%

6) Copy the MEGATOKEN Token address:0x148c560a9ce8a9d7f869aa97efa2c2aa623927c9


7) Select From:BNB and To: (Enter the MEGATOKEN Address) then Enter the amount and hit swap!


* MAKE SURE TO ADD MEGATOKEN IN YOUR WALLET AS A CUSTOM TOKEN USING 0x148c560a9ce8a9d7f869aa97efa2c2aa623927c9

Remember to have enough BNB for gas fees!

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