a Deflationary, Static Yield Farming Token

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MEGATOKEN works by taking a 10% fee on every transaction. That fee is broken up into 3 parts. Reflection – 50% of the fee (5% of the transaction) is distributed to every wallet that holds MEGATOKEN on a percentage basis. The more MEGATOKEN you hold the more you will receive! LP Generation – 20% of the fee (2% of the transaction) collected in MEGATOKEN is sold into BNB. That BNB is paired up with the remaining 20% of MEGATOKEN and deposited back into a liquidity pool. These two functions work together to reward holders and punish whales. And the Last part 10% of the fee (1% of the transaction) is Automaticaly Burned. This 🔥AUTOMATIC BURN🔥 will slowly deteriorate the supply of MEGATOKEN with every trade!

Token Allocation

Pre-Sale Allocation 20%
LP Alloction30%

Funds Allocation

Reserve Capital10%
LP Liquidity20%

Token Allocation Summary

MEGATOKEN is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator.

The network is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes through the use of cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.

Total Tokens Minted- 100%
LP Allocation - 300. 30%
Marketing & Promotion - 300. 30%
Private Pre-sale - 20%
Founder & Dev Team - 10%

MEGATOKEN Defi Smart Contract

MEGATOKEN provides a simple, quick, safe means of static yield with hedged liquidity risk. Most importantly, it has high profit potential.

Global Acceptance

Binance Smart Chain

Community Driven


Benefits of Binance Smart Chain

The blockchain is a public ledger that records MEGATOKEN transactions. The Binance Smart Chain and the MEGATOKEN contract can be easily seen using BSC Scan and entering in the MEGATOKEN address.



This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • April 2021

    ✅  Formation of MEGATOKEN project

  • May 2021

    ✅ Token Private Sale begins

  • June 2021

    ✅ Promotion and community development being!

  • June 2021


  • August 2021

    ✅ Launch of , the MEGATOKEN Farm, Pool and exchange!

  • September 2021

    ✅ Listing of MEGATOKEN on CoinTiger exchange

  • October 2021

    ✅  Launch new DeFi project!

  • December 2021

    ✅  List on additional exchange

  • January 2022

    Launch MEGA NFT


MEGATOKEN is available for sale on! Using a cryto wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet you can swap BNB for MEGATOKEN


MEGATOKEN is a deflationary, static yield farming, automatic liquidity generating token on the Binance Smart Chain. This means that the supply of MEGATOKEN will shrink over time, you can farm more tokens simply by holding MEGATOKEN in your wallet, and the goal is to always have a liquid market for MEGATOKEN.

Purchased tokens will automatically be sent to your wallet following your purchase on pancakeswap.

The minimum purchase would be 1 MEGATOKEN, but you might like to buy and HODL millions or trillions.

MEGATOKEN is static yield farming, you will receive more MEGATOKENS as more and more people buy and sell, so your yield will vary depending on transaction volume, but the longer you hold, the more MEGATOKENS you will receive!

The main benefit is the ability to grow your MEGATOKEN holdings over time while the supply continues to shrink. Less supply and more demand is the idea!

Our goal is to apply and list on at least two major exchanges in the 3rd quarter of 2021. We will continue to update our community as we get closer to that milestone.

right now you will need to purchase your MEGATOKEN using another coin like Binance (BNB) on pancakeswap.

The most popular are Metamask and Trust Wallet. Make sure to add MEGATOKEN to the add custom token by entering the MEGATOKEN address below:


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